Powerful Positive Thinking

The pendant to beat anxiety and negative thoughts

This simple raw amethyst crystal hanging on an 18-inch long 14k gold filled/sterling silver chain has the focus to act as nature’s tranquilizer, soothing irritability and balancing mood swings, dispelling anger, rage, fear and anxiety – many of the things that hold back the power of positive thinking.

Amethyst activates spiritual awareness and has outstanding healing and cleansing powers. It is also known for giving emotional and spiritual protection and is said to break anxious or addictive thought patterns, block negative or stressful energies and stimulate serenity of the mind.

This stone is also said to help you to deal with problems and calm yourself in facing chaos. Those who experience anxiety and nightmares can also benefit. Amethyst is also said to strengthen psychic abilities, instil spiritual insights and convert negative thoughts into positive ones.

This more than just a pendant that will look good and heighten your mood – it is a massive symbol, of positivity, hand made in the USA and available for just £29 - complete with its own gift box and with no charge for shipping

The pendant to beat anxiety and negative thoughts


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