Powerful Positive Thinking

The bracelet to help you attract personal power

Dragonstone is said to have the ability to attract personal power, the ability to overcome obstacles and the strength and courage to make the essential changes you need in your life. The stones in this unique bracelet also have the power to focus the mind and help bring your intentions to life.

This is more than jewellery, it’s a beautiful opportunity to strengthen what you want to experience. Stacked with intention, each bracelet is brought to you by a cottage industry of women in rural USA, and tagged with the name and properties of your stone.

Dragonstone is frequently referred to as Dragon Blood Jasper and is also said to stimulate creativity, attract money and love, and helps you focus to achieve material and emotional goals. In centuries past it has been claimed that Dragonstone was given to warriors as a talisman of protection, to give warriors the courage of a dragon.

Strength of purpose and focus helps in the practice of positive thinking as encapsulated in this dazzling bracelet, which comes in its own gift box and is available for just £19 including shipping and packaging

The bracelet to help you attract personal power


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