Powerful Positive Thinking

The bracelet for confidence and self-worth

This is more than just a beautiful bracelet. Featuring the calming energy of Peach Moonstone, it is said that the wearer will receive improved confidence and self-worth, the vital ingredients we all need to become super positive people. Alongside are white turquoise stones to console and purify your energy. These white stones with dark cracks are considered to be some of the most powerful in the metaphysical gemstone family.

This gemstone bracelet is hand-made in the USA using 8 mm natural gemstones - Peach Moonstone and White Turquoise - non-tarnish 22K Gold plated spacer beads, gold plated brass tag and durable elastic cord. Each bracelet comes with a bracelet card and a white suave branded string pouch and is packed in its own presentation box – making it the perfect gift.

Peach Moonstone is the crystal that helps to cleanse you of negative perceptions about yourself and allows you to focus on self-love. It supports wisdom and the knowledge to help you make the right decisions while at the same time, offering the power of increased confidence and a willingness to take vital action.

Moonstone has a particularly special meaning for women offering purification, self-development, spiritualization and energization. The gemstone further supports inner strength and growth, restores emotional balance and stability, facilitates fertility and childbirth, removes stress and selfishness and marks new beginnings – and this bracelet can be yours for just £29 including shipping.

The bracelet for confidence and self-worth


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